September 2, 2011

Better B’s Cafe puts New Town on the map

Better B’s Cafe puts New Town on the map
By Jerry W. Kram
Interim Editor

It takes a lot to stand out on the Main Streets of America, but the Better B Cafe in New Town had the right stuff – or right soup – to make the grade.
The Better B was one of more than 200 restaurants and cafes around the United States to have a recipe chosen for the “Taste of Main Street America” cookbook. The cookbook features recipes from family owned and independent restaurants whose address is on Main Street.
“They called me,” said Earl Fredericksen, owner of the Better B. “I don’t know if people suggested us or what. But they asked me for a recipe and I said, ‘I suppose.’ We can put a recipe in there. If you weren’t on a Main Street, you couldn’t be in the book.”
Fredericksen said the Better B is known for its soups, so he knew he was going to use one of his specials for his recipe. The only question was which one.

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