January 3, 2019

Blizzard cleanup goes smoothly

By Enda Sailor
We live in North Dakota and we know winter brings snow storms. This year is no exception. The 2018 storm that hit during this Christmas Season came as no surprise to anyone. Predictions are now so sophisticated that warnings give travelers a well founded report for planning.
The storm has blown through our area now with predictions of a second round. Despite that, New Town maintenance Director, Daryl Lyson and his crew were out in New Town as early as they could be.
“We are out there busy and dodging cars and getting the job done. This is pretty much just normal snow removal for us this time,” he said with no more time to update than that brief statement.
Yana Hennessy, Mountrail County Engineer and her road staff took action at the first reports of the impending snowstorm.
“We knew families and children would be traveling for Christmas and we wanted to ensure everyone’s safety so we had our supplies planned with good inventories of sand. We had personnel keeping a close eye on things all through the weekend. They knew if they were called they would have to go and they were more than willing to do that with the first snowflake,” Hennessy said.

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