July 20, 2017

Building the future

Tech Camp offers fun plus skills for the future
By Jerry W. Kram
Some of the fastest growing jobs of today didn’t even exist 30 years ago, such just about anything to do with the Internet.
That’s why David Hehman, who hails from Georgia, has been visiting small communities in the area to host what he is calling Tech Camps for students in grades 8-12. The camps give the students the chance to build electronic gadgets and games that they can keep and take home.
Bobcat Church and Mary Sandoval were two of the students participating in the camp at Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College on Thursday. They, and about a dozen other students, learned how to make a color changing “mood lamp” that was controlled by an Arduino microprocessor that they learned to program.
“The Arduino just runs the software to control the thing you are trying to make,” Sandoval said. “It puts out the patterns to make the lights change. This is the first time I’ve every tried to make something like this. I’m really interested in all this stuff. I never thought I would be.”
The following day, Hehman repeated the camp with another dozen students in Parshall. Colter Sanderson was one of students who learned how to build and program the lamp.

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