December 17, 2010

Bush Foundation focus group meets in New Town

Bush Foundation focus group meets in New Town
Education issues to be presented to the 2011 Legislature

It was a small group Tuesday afternon but one of 40 from across North Dakota that examined the issues facing our community and state today.
Community members in New Town examined issues related to education, transportation, health care, social services, demographic changes, housing, economy, environment and flooding. When it was all said and done, education came out as the No. 1 issue facing us today.
The meeting, sponsored by the Bush Foundation, was designed to gather input from community members. Local information is tallied and placed into a massive report that will be presented to the North Dakota Legislature sometime in January. It will also be available to those who participated in the local discussion groups.
Demographically, the meetings were held in large and small communities, vibrant small towns and those that are struggling to hang on. The meetings were held in communities whose economies thrive on agriculture, tourism, energy or government. Meetings were also held on all four of the state’s Indian reservations.

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