September 11, 2014

Candidates look to persuade voters

By Jerry W. Kram

Five of the six candidates for Tribal Chairman gathered at the Northern Lights Building in New Town Tuesday evening to spread their message to a crowd of 150.

Tex Hall, Ken Hall, Marcus Levings, Damon Williams, and Mark Fox were each given 15 minutes to make their case why they should be voter’s choice for tribal chairman. The other candidate, Randy Phelan was attending another campaign event in Twin Buttes. The event was sponsored by the North Segment Community Board who requested that the candidates address five questions mostly dealing with how each candidate would handle the impacts of the oil boom on the reservation. The order of the speakers was determined by a random drawing.

Tex Hall was the first to speak. He talked about driving around New Town that day and seeing all the projects he had a hand in, including the Northern Lights Building, city water plant, the Elbowoods Clinic and related housing development. He talked about his trips to Washington, D.C., to lobby Congress on behalf of those projects.

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