December 29, 2016

Christmas blizzard dumps on region

By Edna Sailor
It has been named formally or informally the Christmas Blizzard of 2016.
The weather service warned us. Television weathermen were united on their predictions that North Dakota would get a significant blizzard on our around Christmas of 2016. No one should have been surprised by one of the worst blizzards of our time.
Frigid temperatures, excessive winds clocked at fifty mph or better at times, significant snow accumulations at the foot or better mark and ice for some folks. With no apologies, Mother Nature just opened the door and marched herself right into the middle of everyone’s Christmas Day.
Interstate highways shut down, most other roads became impassable. Motorists who ignored warnings and took a chance encountered tough going. Others found themselves stranded. Businesses closed and road crews did their best to combat overwhelming weather odds.
But for the most part people avoided going out if they could. Some people call it “hunkering down.” And that is what many people did in much of our state.

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