July 24, 2014

City considers expansion options

By Jerry W. Kram

Following the pattern set at its last two meetings, the New Town City Council tabled an annexation request as it works with developers on a development plan for the area between the city and the North Dakota Highway 23 bypass which is now under construction.

The city council received two requests for annexation, one for 220 acres known as the Baker Property and another called the Schatz Property, which was about 40 acres. The council had previously tabled annexation requests from the New Town School District and others while it creates its own annexation plan. City Attorney William Wood has advised the council in the past that it would be better to have one large annexation than to bring in a dozen or more parcels piecemeal.

The council has already met once with developers who are looking to build on the north and east sides of New Town. Another meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, July 29 at 1 p.m. at City Hall.

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