February 23, 2017

City Council tackles a variety of issues

From liquor licenses to sewage lagoons, the New Town City council has a smorgasbord of topics to deal with at its regular monthly meeting.
The council had to reissue two city liquor licenses when it was found that their state licenses had expired. In the case of the liquor store at Jason’s Superfoods, the renewal notice from the state was either undelivered or mislaid, so owner Jason Tracy didn’t realize the store was out of compliance until he received a second notice on January 17. He closed the store and sent the license fee to the state by overnight mail, and his state license was reinstated the next day.
Because his state license was in arrears, under the city ordinance his city license was also suspended. Council members were satisfied that their was no intent on Tracy’s part to evade the law, so they voted to reissue the city license.
In the other case, the owner of the Players Pub on Main Street passed away earlier this month. State law requires that the liquor license must be transferred to the new owner. In this case, the license will be held for the time being by the personal representative of the estate. The council instructed the city auditor to have the representative fill out a liquor license application. The application was completed and approved by the council later in the meeting. There was no interruption in the bar’s operation.

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