May 25, 2017

City moves to replace pool

Home rule charter could be key to paying for it
By Jerry W. Kram
New Town hasn’t had a swimming pool for several years, ever since high groundwater damaged the old pool that used to be where the New Town Ambulance building now sits. The New Town city council voted to purchase three lots that will be the home of a new swimming pool and splash pad.
The council voted to purchase the lots that sit on the north side of Eighth Street North and are just on the other side of East Avenue from the Northern Lights Wellness Center. Mayor Dan Uran said the location had many things to recommend it. One is that it is parents won’t have to worry about the traffic like the did when children had to cross Main Street to get to the old pool. The Northern Lights parking lot will also be convenient so overflow parking won’t clog up residential streets.
The three parcels will cost the city about $105,000.

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