September 17, 2015

City projects winding down

By Jerry W. Kram

Along with the state’s reconstruction of Main Street, New Town residents have been coping with a dozen city projects going on at the same time. The New Town City Council got an update on those projects from the city’s engineering firm and heard that the end was in sight for most of the projects.

Justin Ahmann of Ackerman-Estvold Engineering reported that several of the city’s projects were complete except for some landscaping, including the parking lot on Eagle Drive, water lines north along North Dakota Highway 1804, a new lift station and the College Drive extension to the bypass.

Ahmann said the East Sanitary Sewer project, which will provide services for new development north of North Dakota Highway 23, is the most complex of the city projects. New sewer and water pipes are being installed which required boring under the railroad tracks. The project is about half finished and is scheduled to be completed by November 15.

Work on two street projects, on Third Street NE and Fourth Street South are proceeding. The Third Street project was delayed by right of way acquisition problems but should be completed by Oct. 15. Work on the Fourth Street South project started last week and is scheduled to be completed by November 1.

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