November 25, 2011

City to crack down on illegal RVs

City to crack down on illegal RVs
By Jerry W. Kram

The New Town City Council took up the issue of people renting out space in their yards and driveways to people living in recreational vehicles for extended periods of time.
The practice has always been illegal, said councilaman Darrell Salter, who was running the meeting because Mayor Dan Uran was out of town. However, the city hasn’t been enforcing the ordinance with any consistency for years and some homeowners have been taking advantage of that fact for years.
“We may ruffle a few feathers,” Salter said. “But we are going to start enforcing the ordinance. People who are renting RV space next to their homes will be fined and the RVs will be moved. They will have to appear in county courts.”
Salter said he suspects that at least a dozen homeowners will be cited in the crackdown. A list of potential offenders will be compiled by the city auditor from citizen complaints and law enforcement officials. People on that list will receive notice that they are potentially in violation of the ordinance and will be given a chance to resolve the situation. Salter didn’t think it would be very hard to compile the list.

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