March 19, 2020


New Town School reacts to virus threat
By Jerry W. Kram

What should have been a happy event turned serious at the New Town School Board meeting. At a special meeting called to approve extra days off for students and faculty during the New Town Eagles trip to the state basketball tournament, the board instead dealt with the cancellation of that same tournament and shutting down all outside activities in the school district.
The meeting was called before North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum issued his order that all North Dakota schools be closed for a week. However, New Town School Superintendent Mark Bluestone said a closure could be imminent. If the closure was only for a week, he said New Town had enough extra time built into its schedule that extra school days would not be required. He warned that a potential closure could last for weeks and if that were the case, school could last until the end of June before the state might issue a waiver for students.
“It is state law that we have to make up the hours we miss,” Bluestone said. “It is as simple as that. I heard indications that schools may be required to stay open as late as the end of fiscal year on June 30 before waivers are issued.”

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