July 26, 2018

Coffee and Conversation

AARP comes to New Town to discuss elder issues
By Edna Sailor
It was a quiet morning in New Town when Mike Chausee, Associate State Director of AARP and volunteer Russ McDonald came to town to visit with senior citizens recently. It was a small crowd of local people who showed up for the event. However, there was no shortage of questions or issues to discuss.
Among topics that surfaced were uncertainties about Medicare and Social Security.
As one of the major national organizations that support Senior Citizens issues, Chausee assured the group that despite a lot of noise out there right now, “at this moment there is no major legislation at the national level that would hurt either program. That doesn’t mean there will not be and there has been in the past. We are quick to inform our membership about any threats and motivate them to action. One thing they know in Washington is that the grey haired set votes.”
“Seniors  and their families need to be aware that if any legislation comes up that negatively impacts them, we will actively pursue efforts to see that it does not happen,” Chaussee said.

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