April 9, 2015

Comedy Central come to Parshall

By Jerry W. Kram

Dennis Gaxiola thinks he is a funny guy.

People seem to agree as he has been making a living for more than two decades as a professional comedian. In recent years he has broken into television, appearing with well known Comedy Central shows with Gabriel Iglesias, Paul Rodriguez, and Jamie Foxx. He has appeared on about two dozen television programs on Comedy Central, BET and Starz. He also maintains a busy schedule of live appearances and comedy clubs, conventions and churches.

He once made his home in the show biz state of California, but now he is based in Parshall. He said the move was made for family reasons.

"I met my fiance when I was in the Air Force," Gaxiola said. "She is originally from this area. One of us had to move and I can do my job anywhere in the country. I can just get in an airplane and go and perform."

Gaxiola said his comedy is based on his life experiences. He is proud of the fact that he is known as a comic who "works clean" without having to resort to using profanity to get a laugh.

"I can perform in front of church groups or I can be club edgy," he explained. "A lot of young comics have to lean on using profanity to be funny and I don’t have to do that. My dad was a minister, so if I wanted my family to come and see me perform I had to work clean."

Gaxiola has decided that he wants to share his talents with his newly adopted community. He has persuaded a num

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