June 19, 2009

Construction project continues progressing in north New Town

Construction project continues progressing in north New Town
Seventh and Eighth streets in New Town have turned into a muddy mess a couple of times in the past two weeks, but progress continues on getting the two north side streets paved this summer.
Daily monitoring and meetings with Bureau of Indian Affairs, Mayo Construction and city of New Town personnel have generated progress in recent weeks, according to Chuck Gilstad, with the city of New Town.
Gilstad said there may be some subtle changes coming down the pike, but the bottom line is that north side residents can expect the streets to be paved by the end of July.
“The sidewalks are ready and the roads have been built up in some areas,” Gilstad said. “The curbs are going in first, then the paving will start. We plan to start paving in the next three weeks.”
Gilstad cautioned localized residents to remain patient while the Mayo Construction crews continue their work basically from the Northern Lights Community Center out to N.D. Highway 1804. But, he added, “It’s going to be a good, safe route to drive on when it’s done.”
Gilstad said it’s best to avoid the area if you don’t actually live there, and if motorists need to get to Ninth Street, they may consider using East Avenue near Northern Lights to navigate Ninth Street.

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