July 3, 2014

Construction slowdown to continue through summer

By Jerry W. Kram

If you are coming to or going through New Town, be prepared to slow down and expect to wait a while. Construction on both the east side and west end of New Town will slow traffic to a crawl for the rest of the summer.

Speeds will be reduced to 35 mph on North Dakota Highway 1804 one mile north of New Town beginning Monday, July 7 for continued work on the New Town Truck Reliever Route. Work on this portion of the project will be completed in late August.

Construction is also underway at the intersection of North Dakota Highway 23 and North Dakota Highway 1804 in New Town. The City of New Town is piggybacking the North Dakota Department of Transportation construction to replace and improve the sewer lines on the west side of New Town. The increased capacity will be needed as there is a considerable amount of development being targeted for the area after the completion of the bypass construction.

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