August 7, 2009

Construction zone

Construction zone
Road and building projects abound in New Town
Construction projects have been happening here and there in New Town all summer but this week they all seemed to culminate, turning Mountrail County’s largest community into a massive construction zone.
It looked like a “new town” was being built on Monday as there were projects going on just about anywhere you looked. Two major road construction crews are in town working, at least two electrical contractors and landscaping contractors, a masonry company and a general contractor are all working to get things done in their own way.
Mayo Construction, Cavalier, and its subsidiary Flickertail, have been working on Seventh and Eighth streets for most of the summer. That project called for primitive gravel roads to be torn out and replaced with packed gravel, asphalt, and curb and gutter.
Although the project has been set back a couple of times because of inclement weather, work is progressing and both streets now have curb and gutter and packed gravel. Asphalt application should be taking place in the next couple of weeks, according to Mayo employees.
Northern Improvement, Fargo, has already torn up Eagle Drive in the vicinity of Edwin Loe Elementary School. In fact, there is a huge hole where the pockmarked street used to be. As a result, Eagle Drive is now closed until further notice. It is part of the 2008-I Street Improvement project.
A second Northern Improvement crew was working Monday near the New Town water plant, chewing up asphalt and recycling it, getting it ready for application when the time comes.
Fort Berthold Housing and the New Town School District have had a couple of ambitious building projects going on as well this summer. Several housing units designed for teachers, are just about completed, according to business manager Dan Uran. He said Wednesday the houses are done, they just need some electrical work and landscaping until they are liveable.
The Fort Berthold Housing Authority is putting up numerous rental units on Ninth Street, which is adjacent to the Northern Lights Community Center. Construction crews from First Dakota Enterprises in Fort Pierre, S.D., have been buzzing around the work site all week, pouring foundations, hammering roofing material in place and attaching wall boards.

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