July 25, 2019

Cooking up a storm on the Hook

By Jerry W. Kram
If you went hungry in Van Hook last Thursday it was your own darn fault. The Legion Park was transformed into a maze of grills, tents, and pavilions with a delicious cloud of aromas coming from nearly 20 stations manned by some of the biggest names in the oil industry. And all the food was free for the taking.
“This is our Bakken Rocks Cookfest,” said Ron Ness, president of the North Dakota Petroleum Council. “This is our 22nd community where we have held this event over the past 11 years. This is how we get the industry, in particular the operators and service companies in the area, and allow people to come and ask questions of the while having a great time.”
Each team was made up of a drilling company and an industry services company and there were 19 teams offering up their best barbecue, hot wings, mac and cheese, cheesecake, banana pudding, and just about any other foodstuff you could imagine. While the food and entertainment are the main draw, Ness said the important part of the day was making connections.
“We have landowners, mineral owners and the general public all interested in what is happening in the Bakken,” Ness said. “I just ran into an individual from south of New Town. He had questions for an operator. So I was able to hook him up directly with the head of operations for that company. That is what this is really all about.”

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