September 24, 2010

Council denies tax abatements

Council denies tax abatements
Special assessment committee appointed


New Town’s city council voted 4-0 last Wednesday to deny tax abatements to Elsie Mayer, Evelyn Reynolds, Dennis Talley and Donald and Kristi Pennington.
The vote came at the recommendation of city assessor Jack Smith who suggested all of the abatements be denied. Mayer and Talley attended the meeting, as well as Smith, who briefed the council on the abatements.
In other business:
* Kenton Onstad provided information about grants to start a community childcare center. The council came to the consensus they would allow city engineer Steve Ike to work with Onstad to restruct ure original plans for a community youth center/ childcare center to construct a building in stages to meet the requirements of the grants.

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