September 12, 2019

Council disciplines city worker

By Jerry W. Kram
A city worker found himself on probation after the New Town City Council investigated allegations against him.
The worker was also a member of the New Town Fire Department before resigning after taking a gas card from a fire truck and using it for personal expenses. The department decided not to press criminal charges after the individual made restitution, according to Fire Chief John DeGroot.
After DeGroot informed city of the pilferage, the individual, who works in the Public Works Department for the city, was required to take a drug test, which he passed. City Coordinator Daryl Lyson told the council the individual was a good worker who was going through some personal turmoil. He said he would like to retain him as a worker if possible.
The council decided that the employee should be put on six months probation with regular mandatory drug tests. The employee will also be prohibited from using city gas or credit cards. The council members discussed the employee getting counseling, but decided not to require it as part of the probation.

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