October 15, 2010

Council passes 2008 special assessment

Council passes 2008 special assessment
East Avenue improvements to be paid over 15 years

Following a special assessment hearing Monday at city hall, the New Town City Council voted unanimously to create a $250,000 district to pay for road imrpovements.
The vote came after a special assessment committee, appointed by the council, recommended the special assessment district be created to pay for improvements that occurred on East Avenue in 2008. The specials will be paid over a 15-year period from residents living along East Avenue and will carry a 5.92 percent interest rate.
“The specials were supposed to be levied, but weren’t,” said Mayor Dan Uran after the vote was taken.
There was no opposition during the special assessment hearing, nor was there any dispute from the audience after Uran asked specifically for comments from those in attendance.

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