October 5, 2017

CTAP expands rail access

By Edna Sailor
You may have seen the trucks around with CTAP logo on them and not known what the company does. CTAP is a company that transports supplies such as pipe and sand for the oil industry. The company has been located in New Town long enough to be currently expanding their operations east of New Town.
The company is building two new railroad tracks. They are working with landowners adjacent to the construction. CTAP will add 4,230 feet of track and railheads. While CTAP owns the tracks they are building, the tracks will run parallel to and will connect to CP Rail for complete transportation of product. The construction has benefits for the company according to Adam Potter, Yard Manager who has served with the company for five years.
“The new tracks will allow us to bring in more casing and hopper cars and allow us to sort them on our own property. The biggest improvement is that we will also be able to bring in full unit trains of a hundred cars. The expansion will allow us to better serve our customers with enough product. It also puts us in the position to guarantee loads with CP Rail,” Potter said.
CTAP can provide product on demand to our oil companies. The change is dramatic.

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