January 6, 2012

Dalrymple makes second oil patch tour

Dalrymple makes second oil patch tour
Governor Jack Dalrymple on Jan. 3  traveled highways in western North Dakota and met with area officials to receive updates on the region’s needs in addressing the impacts of oil and gas development. Dalrymple also provided local officials with updates on the state’s ongoing work and long-range plans to meet the region’s needs.
“These meetings are important to understanding the challenges that come with oil and gas development and they are critical to coordinating local and state responses,” Dalrymple said. “We will continue working with local officials to help meet the region’s needs for additional housing, for enhanced emergency services and law enforcement and to help meet other challenges created by rapid growth.”
Dalrymple traveled highways in western North Dakota’s oil producing counties and met with city officials from Williston, Crosby, Tioga, Stanley and Bowbells. He also met with officials from Williams, Divide, Mountrail and Burke counties. Attending Tuesday’s meetings with the governor were Grant Levi, deputy director for engineering, state Department of Transportation and Lance Gaebe, director of the Energy Infrastructure and Impact Office.
The overriding needs most frequently brought to Dalrymple’s attention Tuesday were: enhancing emergency services and law enforcement, truck reliever routes to reduce traffic through communities and the development of additional housing.  Tuesday’s meetings marked the second round of community visits by Dalrymple since Dec. 20.  The Governor also has directed state agencies to participate in a series of upcoming meetings with local officials throughout western North Dakota to help address the region’s needs.

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