November 12, 2010

DOT closes Stanley license site

DOT closes Stanley license site
Williston office to pick up local services

It seems like a contradiction with an increased population, but the Stanley driver’s license office is now closed.
Effective Nov. 3, the North Dakota Department of Transportation announced it was closing driver’s license offices in Stanley and Crosby partially because of a lack of customers and partially because management could better utilize manpower in other locations.
Those seeking driver’s license services will now be required to drive to Williston or Minot to handle those services.
Glen Jackson had a part in the decision making process to close the Stanley and Crosby offices. He said changes have been occurring all over the state, but these two offices have seen the most abrupt changes.
“Nothing is permanent, but we are looking to better utilize our limited staff,” Jackson told the New Town News. “There is so much business to do, and where our busiest locations are, we had to evaluate the need.”

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