March 13, 2009

Drinking the best water in the west

Drinking the best water in the west
New Town city officials were informed Monday by the North Dakota Department of Health that the drinking water supply has met or exceeded health department standards that includes tests over a three-year period.
According to New Town water plant operator Gilbert Berg, daily, weekly, monthly and annual tests are mandatory because the water is treated, but not all municipalities come up with the results that New Town has achieved.
“It places confidence in the drinking water supply,” Berg said. “We know we have good water. This just proves it.”
Berg said the water is tested in 11 areas. They include total coliform (fecal matter) surface water, and cochemical monitoring, lead and copper, consumer confidence, disinfectant and disinfection byproduct, public notification, radionuclides (radioactivity), arsenic, filter backwash, recycle and long term enhanced surface water treatment.
Lead and copper and arsenic are tested every three years, while coliform is tested monthly and byproducts are tested daily. In addition, Berg said fluoridation isn’t a mandatory test but New Town sends in a sample every month to monitor fluoride levels.

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