December 18, 2014

Elementary students dazzle with science

By Jerry W. Kram

This year’s New Town Elementary Science Fair drew 57 projects and involved 72 students who did experiments and reports on everything from traditional herbs to gravity to oil spills to dancing rice cereal.

Students could do a project in one of three areas, reports, demonstrations and experiments. The top three projects in each grade from third through fifth grade will be eligible to participate in the state Science Fair in Bismarck on January 18-19. Kindergarten through second grade students also participated in the local science fair.

Lindsay Hoaby was the organizer of the science fair and is a teacher at Edwin Loe Elementary. She said there were many unique projects this year.

"We always see some of the same project every year, like volcanos," Hoaby said. "This year a number of projects were cultural. A lot of them had a lot of work put into them, even outside of school. Some of the students didn’t want to leave, they wanted to stay and explain their projects. A lot of them were pretty excited."

The projects were judged by faculty and environmental science students from Fort Berthold Community College. The judges were impressed with what they saw.

Vicky Albers, an environmental science student was impressed by the number of projects.

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