November 21, 2008

Emergency reimders given

Emergency reimders given

Editor’s note: The following article came from a local ambulance driver who said there is a definite need for more awareness while driving on Mountrail County’s roads.



We all catch ourselves doing it, thinking about the tremendously long grocery list we didn’t write down but should have, losing ourselves in a cell phone conversationi, or handling a sibling quabble in the back seat.

However, inclement road conditions and increased traffic due to oil activity in our area dictates that it is more important now than it ever was before to minimize distractions while driving. This especially rings true for emergency vehicles.

It’s easy to get distracted when driving. It happens to anyone and everyone but we just have to do what we can to pay attention, especially in the case of emergency vehicles.

New Town Ambulance service reports an increase in emergency call volume by 135 calls since this time last year. With increased activity in our area and the icy roads, more emergency vehicles will be out and about.

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