February 15, 2018

Encouraging young minds

By Jerry W. Kram
The New Town School District has worked hard over the last several years to make sure every student has a chance to graduate.
In the superintendent notes portion of the most recent New Town School Superintendent Mark Bluestone noted all the extra tutoring, credit recovery and other efforts teachers, staff and administrators provide students to help get their grades up so they can graduate. But he wanted to talk about what the school could be doing for New Town’s brightest and most gifted students.
Bluestone recently returned from a National Science Foundation meeting with the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program. He and Middle School Prinicipal Kara Four Bear attended the meeting and came away impressed by the results of the program.
“If you look among the Three Affiliated Tribes, I think there are only three engineers in the entire tribe,” Bluestone said. “While we were there they presented some of their recent college graduates and there were 30 engineers.”

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