January 4, 2018

Fighting the cold to keep the lights on

By Edna Sailor
Brrr. That temperature gauge just seems to be dropping lower and lower. Sub zero temperatures have been commonplace these days. Wind chills complicate the matter to the tune of fifty degrees below zero.
Those among us who must work outdoors in these temperatures know the difficulty and challenges well.
Chris Meiers, Mountrail Williams Electric Coop Operations Superintendent of the east District of Mountrail County, knows the challenges of freezing weather well. And the company was put to the test recently with an electrical outage during that bitter cold.
“I don’t work out in the cold myself, but my guys do and they are the best,” he said. “The recent issue revolved around a circuit breaker that exploded and caused an hour and a half outage.”
“Our guys are really good people. Of course, they don’t want to be out in that miserable weather, but they are highly motivated also and want our people to be warm and safe. That is the most important thing on their minds when they go out there,” Meiers said.
Getting out there has its own concerns.

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