September 17, 2015

Final stages starting on Main Street Project

By Jerry W. Kram

This week will mark some major milestones in the progress of the Main Street Project, which is scheduled to be completed in just one month.

One setback in the project is that the intersection with North Dakota Highway 1804 will be closed for a week to 10 days. The contractor, Marshuetz Construction opened the intersection to local traffic last week, but there was too much traffic for the safety of workers who are putting the finishing touches on phase one of the project.

The workers in that area are laying down the asphalt for the connections of Third Street and Eagle Drive with Main Street. By Friday, those streets will be finished along with the frontage roads on both sided of the street in phase two. By Monday, the street portion of phase one and two should be complete.

The red concrete sidewalks and berms in phase two will also start being poured this week. The concrete in the berms will be stamped with a brick pattern. The sidewalks next to businesses will not be stamped so it will be easier keep keep clear of snow and ice.

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