October 22, 2015

Finishing the job

Meeting kicks off bypass planning

By Jerry W. Kram

With more than a dozen big projects winding down, including the massive state Main Street reconstruction, talking about more construction is likely the last thing on the mind of New Town residents. But there is at least one more major project ahead before the area can catch its breath again – finishing the North Dakota Highway 23 Bypass.

It was always intended that the bypass, which turns north about two miles east of New Town to connect with North Dakota Highway 1804, should continue west around New Town and the Edgewater Golf Course to reconnect with Highway 23. The project was separated into two parts because the bypass had to be finished before the long delayed reconstruction of Main Street could begin. Because of the wetlands and federal lands along the proposed western path of the bypass, it was believed that the permitting process would be delay the process greatly.

Now that the first section of the bypass and the Main Street project are finished or winding down, the North Dakota Department of Transportation is turning its attention to finishing the bypass. The first step in that process was a meeting at the 4 Bears Lodge and Casino to gather input from the public on what they would like to see done.

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