April 24, 2009

Flood aid yields jackpot for schools, townships

Flood aid yields jackpot for schools, townships
Townships and school districts along Lake Sakakawea in Mountrail County that were acquired by the U.S. government in the early 1950s when Garrison Dam was built, are now being compensated more than $14 million for being displaced.
A portion of the money will be allocated to the county road and bridge department and the school districts will receive additional monies because of boundaries along Bureau of Land Management areas.
Word was officially given on Friday during a meeting held in Stanley with Mountrail County Auditor Joan Hollekim. The New Town School District and Liberty Township will receive the greatest allocations.
According to Hollekim, on or about may 15, the New Town School District will receive $6,191,811.10, the Tioga School District will receive $857,850.35 and the Parshall School District will receive $1,881.05.
“Appropriations are made from the state, which is in turn, made from the federal government,” Hollekim said. “This is unrelated to the federal stimulus and is money for flood aid. It’s very interesting.”

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