October 10, 2013

Food and Shelter gift will provide for those in need

By Jerry W. Kram

A safe place to stay and something to eat. Those are basic needs that are too often taken for granted in this day and age. These needs are even more precious for those who are fleeing a violent situation in their own home.

The Fort Berthold Domestic Violence Program has provided shelter for women and children who have sought their help for many years, said Sadie Young Bird, executive director of the Fort Berthold Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The coalition has been working to create safe houses in every community on the Fort Berthold Reservation, with limited success – until this week. The West Segment Development Corporation gave the coalition space in the towns MEC building for use as a shelter and food pantry.

"We are desperately in need of a shelter," Young Bird said. "We have been transporting people two or three, sometimes even nine hours to shelters. We saw more than 250 clients in the last year. That’s tripled over the last few years."

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