March 12, 2015

Four legged cops patrol Fort Berthold


By Edna Sailor

Community protection is job one for K-9 dogs at Three Affiliated Tribes Law Enforcement and the New Town Police Department. The departments work closely together to protect the community. The handlers know it and the dogs know it.

Meet Nero 36, a three and a half year old Dutch Shepherd from Holland. He is the star K-9 officer of the Three Affiliated Tribes Law Enforcement Department. Nero’s name means wise warrior. His handler is Officer Lane Adams. Both handler and dog have impressive training.

Nero began his training at Vohn Liche Kennel in Indiana. The 36 attached to his name links him to a specific breed and training. The kennel is known for its excellence in training. Its clientele includes the National Security Administration, US Pentagon police, US State Department, US Army and 500 civilian and police agencies.

Officer Lane Adams is Nero’s handlers and was a strong candidate for the position several years ago when the TAT Law Enforcement Department decided to get a K-9 officer. Adams has twelve years of military training including military police for the National Guard in North Dakota. He received his military training as a part of the 1-188th Air Defense Artillery Security Force. His prior training was critical to the discipline and command skills he would need to become a K-9 handler.

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