July 19, 2018

Fox calls for responsible development

By Jerry W. Kram
Three Affiliated Tribes Tribal Chairman Mark Fox used his welcoming speech to oil and gas industry representatives at the MHA Nation Energy Expo to maintain that tribal governments should control the development of resources on the reservation and reap the benefits of that development.
“We choose to develop our resources,” Fox said. “Not every reservation chooses to do that. We want to work with you. Our people want development, but they want responsible development.”
Fox said the treaties, federal law and U.S. Supreme Court decisions all state that Native American tribes are the primary authority on Indian reservations. He said that the MHA Nation has adopted environmental and other regulations for the oil and gas industry and that industry needs to defer to the primary authority.
“We need to protect our children, our future generations,” Fox said. “We can’t have a future where our children grow up in an unhealthy place. We have to have a place with a bright and good future for all our people.”

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