August 27, 2015

From Mandaree to the INFR

By Jerry W. Kram

Casey Stone has always had a love of horses and rodeo.

Growing up in Mandaree, Stone said he learned from his uncles and aunts how to ride and rope from the time he was big enough to stay on the back of a horse by himself. The 28 year old took those lessons to heart and used them to earn his way into the Indian National Finals Rodeo. His exploits in the rodeo ring also earned him a feature photo in Western Horseman magazine earlier this year.

"I was at the Rocky Boy Rodeo in Montana in 2014," Stone said. "I was in the calf roping event. That was the highlight of my life getting into the Western Horseman. Not everyone gets in there."

Stone says the Western Horseman is an important magazine in the rodeo world and has been around for more than half a century.

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