July 2, 2020

Fun and games in Van Hook

By Jerry W. Kram

Cornerstone Bank donated $6,000 to the Van Hook Association to add another opportunity for fun and games at the popular recreation area.
The Van Hook Association used the money to create a permanent concrete court for the bag toss game popularly known as cornhole. The game is play by two teams tossing beanbags at a ramp with a whole near the top. Points are scored by tossing the bag in the whole or coming closest to the hole.
The court was built in the park in Van Hook next to the horseshoe pits. The park is also home to a basketball court, playground (decorated with a giant walleye) and picnic shelter.
“This was an idea that came about last summer,” said Steve Littlefield, vice president of the Van Hook Association. “Park Manager Justin Ritts found the idea of a permanent cornhole court in a magazine. He found a place that manufactures the sets. As a board we thought it would be a great project.”
The concrete ramps came in last fall, but the wet fall prevented the installation of the court. Work started on the court in the spring. A group of lot holders and area volunteers came together to put together the raised court next to the horseshoe pits. 

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