June 29, 2017

Fun in the sun for good health

By Jerry W. Kram
A silent killer stalks the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. Its name is diabetes.
The MHA Nation Diabetes Program struck a blow in the war against that disease by hosting 137 youth at its fourth annual youth conference at the MHA Tourism Earth Lodge Village. For the second year, the conference has featured a Fun Run and Adventure Race that combined physical activity, nutrition knowledge and healthy snacks for a fun day in the sun.
“They have to navigate the course answering nutritional questions and physical activity and obstacles,” said Diabetes Program Manager Jared Eagle. “We had to remove a couple of water related obstacles because of the cold weather, but we still had lots to challenge the kids.”
The mile long course began with logs and hurdles to overcome and then each group of about a dozen runners looped around for the climb up the hill behind the earth lodges. Between physical obstacles, the runners answered questions and solved puzzles showing that they know the difference between healthy foods and sugary snacks.

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