November 3, 2016

Glow walk promotes healthy families

By Jerry W. Kram
If you were out in Four Bears Park last week, you may have seen some glowing ghostly characters – along with a lot of squeals of delight. It wasn’t a paranormal invasion, but a “glow run” put on by the Three Affiliated Tribes Victim Services.
The glow run is an after dark equivalent of a color run. Instead of colored powder, TAT VS volunteers were armed with buckets and bottles of fluorescent paint and used supersoakers and even their hands to colorize the walkers. A series of blacklights along the trail turned the walkers into glowing ghoulies much to everyone’s delight.
“This is our second annual glow run,” said Sadie Young Bird, executive director of TAT Victim Services. “Our theme is, Shine a Light on Violence. We celebrate because October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.”
Young Bird said there were 10 stati

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