October 17, 2008

Good support shown

Good support shown

for Obama at rally


A grassroots political campaign to support Barack Obama took off on the right foot Monday in New Town when 100 people showed their support by walking at least a mile for the Democratic presidential candidate.

The intent was to walk outdoors but a rain-snow mixture and stiff breeze forced the event to be held inside the Northern Lights building. Tribal elders and young children were involved and organizers wanted to make sure they remained comfortable while stumping for Obama.

It was the first item in a week of events that will show support for Obama, culminating in a rally Friday afternoon that will feature lieutenant governor candidate Merle Boucher, D-Rolette. Boucher, the current House Minority leader, will be joined by numerous other speakers and singers that will also be held in Northern Lights.

"We want to put the message out and get people motivated," said walk organizer Ryan Eagle. "And, we want to get them out to vote on Nov. 4."

As Eagle passed out literature on the day’s event, which kicked off at noon, he said 15 laps around the gymnasium was a mile, but those who took part could walk as little or as much as they pleased. He said he was hoping to get everyone to walk at least a mile.

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