April 21, 2016

Head Start students get to see Science is fun

By Jerry W. Kram

Some future chemists and biologists may trace the beginning of their careers to a recent day at the Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College, which hosted a Science Fun Day for the New Town Head Start.

Groups of nine to ten students went through 19 stations where they saw demonstrations of all kinds of science wonders before their very eyes. Environmental Science Program Director Kerry Hartman said his favorite station was a smart board rigged up to display common area wildlife. When the images were touched, the smartboard would play the animal’s call and then announce its name in Hidatsa.

Many of the stations were interactive. The students enjoy poking bubbles that were blown by a dry ice generator. The bubbles were filled with a cold mist that looked like smoke when the students popped the bubble. Some were familiar, like the old fashioned tin can telephones.

"Next door we have some live specimens like giant cockroaches," Hartman said. "Upstairs we have making bubbles, tornadoe

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