October 23, 2009

Historic groundbreaking held at Elbowoods site

Historic groundbreaking held at Elbowoods site
An historic groundbreaking took place Saturday on the site of the Elbowoods Memorial Healthcare facility that included North Dakota’s congressional delegation, the Three Affiliated Tribes, the city of New Town and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
The Three Affiliated Tribes hosted the groundbreaking which was held adjacent to Fort Berthold Community College where the facility will be built.
Three Affiliated Tribe Chairman Marcus Levings started the afternoon with an opening statement expressing his excitement for this historic moment.
“ We have been waiting over 50 years for the United States Government to fulfill their promise in building a new facility,” Levings said.
All Democratic members of North Dakota’s congressional delegation followed with speeches starting with Rep. Earl Pomeroy, who said Elbowoods wouldn’t be possible without the help of Byron Dorgan.
Dorgan, chairman of the Water and Energy Committee, got the appropriations needed to get the facility started in 2007. Earlier this year he was able to secure $17 million needed to start construction.

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