January 25, 2017

History lives on at Edwin Loe

By Jerry W. Kram
It was an all star crew that gathered in the lunchroom of the Edwin Loe Elementary School last week. There was Bill Nye the Science Guy, Lewis and Clark, the Wright Brothers, dancer Maria Tallchief, scientists Dian Fossey and Marie Curie, labor leader Cesar Chavez and many more.
Just because most of them are dead doesn’t mean there wasn’t a great conversation between these famous figures and students from the elementary classrooms. It was the school’s second annual Living History Museum put on the school’s Postive Behavior Invention Support team ambassadors. The PBIS ambassadors are fourth and fifth grade students elected by their classmates to be leaders in creating a positive environment in the school.
Part of the ambassadors’ duties are to put on presentations that show positive role models for other students in the school. Fourteen students chose one of a list of historical figures and then studied all the information they could find about that person and then portrayed that person in the Living History Museum.
“They selected each character that they thought were inspirational,” said Assistant Principal Kara Four Bear. “They are people who contributed to building our nation and the world in a variety of ways. There are people from various cultures, various periods of time and different career fields. They are sharing what they know.”

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