August 21, 2009

Horse shows battle scars from Sunday night attack

Horse shows battle scars from Sunday night attack
Medora is a fighter and her battle scars show it.
Even though she is in her teens, she fought off an attacker sometime Sunday night into Monday morning that Medora’s owner Elaine Uran believes was a mountain lion. Uran said she has heard rumors that mountain lions may be in an area of Mountrail County north of New Town and has sometimes heard a strange screaming sound that may be that of a lion.
She said she heard the screaming sounds a couple of weeks ago and again on Tuesday morning. Uran researched the sound and said it is consistent with a preying mountain lion.
“I think something was in the corral and on her back,” Uran said. “We looked around for tracks, but the ground was all churned up by the horses.”
Uran, who lives in a rugged area north of New Town, said the attack was consistent with the way mountain lions seek out their prey. There were two horses in the corral and the larger horse was only slightly injured, thus she suggested the predator took after the smaller of the two horses thinking it would be more vulnerable and could be struck down more quickly.

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