July 20, 2017

Hurdle cleared for finishing bypass

By Jerry W. Kram
Another step in the long process of approving construction of the west leg of the truck reliever route around New Town has been completed. It will be available for public inspection and comment through August 18.
The North Dakota Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration have issued an Environmental Assessment of the project that would link North Dakota Highway 1804 to North Dakota Highway 23 headed west. The route selected for the project would go through the center of the Edgewater Golf Course. The Assessment concludes that the project would have no significant impacts on the environment.
The preferred alternative is identified as Alternative G. Alternative G would consist of constructing a two-lane highway on the northwest side of New Town on a new alignment. The route would connect ND 23 0.54 miles west of the junction of ND 23/ND 1804 to the junction of ND 1804/ND 23B.

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