November 1, 2012

If it’s too good to be true

If it’s too good to be true
Scam callers making rounds in area
By April Baumgarten
BHG news Service

If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.
That’s what officials said last week when it comes to callers claiming residents have won extravagant prizes. West River Telecommunications has received three calls in a two-week period from customers wondering how they can stop the calls.
Two callers claimed to be from Publishers Clearing House, a sweepstakes company that comes to the door stating people have won money, WRT Customer Service manager Ranae Schmidt said. The person claimed the resident won $8 million and all they had to do was send money to get the prize. That is usually a red flag that the claims are a scam.
“You don’t pay to win a prize,” she said.
WRT provides internet and phone services across 8,373 square mile in central North Dakota and South Dakota.
PCH did not return calls to the Hazen Star.
Another call claimed to be offering medicare backed by President Barack Obama, stating they had the routing number and they needed the individual’s account number.

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