July 22, 2015

If only Earl could talk

by Edna Sailor

Standing prominently along the the roadside on the east end of New Town, Earl Bunyon would have many tales to tell if he could talk. Sporting wide brimmed cowboy hat, boots, a branding iron, a cane and skin tight blue jeans, even before they were stylish, he has become as commonly associated with New Town as the Statue of Liberty is to New York.

Earl must have felt very secure in his spot along the road, having been there so long. However, Earl could tell you that recently rumors surfaced around town that the Department of Transportation planned (along with other construction in New Town) to move Earl from his present location. He could say that members of the LaRocque family voiced some concerns about such a move at the New Town Auditor’s office.

Earl can rest easy now. According to Jamie Olson, Public Information Officer at the Department of Transportation Office in Bismarck, "There never were any DOT plans to move the statue," she said.

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