November 11, 2011

Irresponsible students may lose noon privileges

Irresponsible students may lose noon privileges
By William Wilber

New Town High School leadership is evaluating a proposal to close the noon hour for irresponsible students. If approved, the program would start next semester.
High school principal Gartner said “the goal is to bring down the number of tardies and reward those that follow our basic rules”. At this time there are six categories or basic rules. If a student breaks one, they lose the privilege of leaving campus at noon. This would apply to all high school students, freshmen through seniors. Any eligible student may still choose to stay on campus and eat a free meal though. Superintendent Marc Bluestone said that “right now, 43% would be ineligible so there would be an incentive to be responsible”. The rules or categories have been thought out and the student council approves. At this time, the categories are:
Academically ineligible-failing two or more classes.
Has had more than three tardies cumulative in a one month period.
Has been in “In School Suspension” in the past week.
Has been suspended out of school for the past month.
Was caught skipping any class in the past month.
Student who leaves campus during noon who are not eligible.
Mr Gartner said that to make this work and enforce the provisions of the “Closed Campus” it would mean an investment in time, organization and effort. He will take on this responsibility, with the help from teachers.
A note to parents; there are many dedicated teachers in the New Town Public schools who stay in their classrooms after school hours to help those students who need help or tutoring.
In other items, all construction projects are still on track, North Dakota state “Attendance & Absences Policy” and “Sex Education Policy” changes were read and approved.

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