March 19, 2015

K-9 officer proves her worth to NTPD


By Edna Sailor

(Second in a series)

James Johns, New Town’s new Police Chief does not have to think twice about the value of their K-9 dog and handler to his department. He said, "The assistance the dog brings to the table is incredible. Our dog, Delplhi, is the only K-9 dog on our team, but I wish we had more dogs. We run across so many situations here with drugs and gun issues; the dog brings a whole different aspect to the table."

Officer Tyler Fauvre, handler, is the resident expert at NTPD when it comes to Delphi. Fauver came to the New Town Police Department from Illinois in October of 2013 after graduating with a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice.

"I heard there was a need out here for officers, so I headed this direction," Fauver said. "When I arrived, I trained again at the Bismarck Police Academy in Bismarck. Fresh out of the Academy, the dog arrived in New Town first and the spot opened up for a handler so I stepped up for the challenge to train with Delphi at Kansas Canine Working Dogs International."

Delphi is a four year old Belgian Malinous. She received her initial obedience training in Germany.

"That means that all of her commands are given in German," Fauver said. "It was up to me to learn how to give her commands and tell her what to do. It was a challenge at first. I had to learn how to trust her and she had to learn how to trust me. We had a lot of bonding to do. She is a dual purpose dog just like Nero 36 at TAT Law Enforcement."

Both Officer Fauver and Delphi work the night shift, but are available for a "call out" if needed at other times.

The pair has specific duties during their shifts.

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