September 23, 2011

Lakeside Center celebrates new ownership

Lakeside Center celebrates new ownership
By Jerry W. Kram

For many years, the Good Samaritan Society has been a part of the community in New Town. Times change, and now local leadership has stepped up to take ownership of the Good Samaritan Society, New Town nursing home and take it into the future.
The Good Samaritan Society is associated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church, said Pat Kelly, who attended the Sept. 15 transition ceremony on behalf of the society. He said changing demographics, in rural areas have made it difficult for the society to continue its mission in those areas.
“Over the years, populations across North Dakota have declined and declined,” Kelly said. “For us to survive, we had to have Parshall and New Town together. It just got to the point in Parshall where we couldn’t staff to care for even 20 residents. As (Parshall) closed, this facility was standing alone too far from another facility to share an administrator.”
Kelly said they looked towards the local community to see if there was an interest in keeping the home open. The home, now called the Lakeside Community Living Center, will be operated by a local organization, the New Town Community Health Corportation. Terry Wilber is president of the corporation’s board of directors.

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